Hawley, Steve

Steve Hawley is an artist who began working with film and video in 1981 and his work has been shown widely at video fesitvals and broadcast worldwide ever since. His practice demonstrates a long standing preoccupation with language and image shown in tapes and films such as ‘Bad Reasons’ (1982), broadcast on WGBH Boston, Channel 4 TV in Britain, The Kitchen New York and also in ‘A Proposition for Picture’ (1992). His tape ‘Trout Descending A Staircase’ (1990), commissioned by BBC2 TV was awarded a German video art prize in 1994. In 1995, his experimental documentary on artificial languages made with Tony Steyger and commissioned by the Arts Council was broadcast on Channel 4 TV.

More recently his work has looked at new forms of narrative in such works as ‘Love Under Mercury’, his first film for the cinema, which won a prize at the Ann Arbor film festival, and ‘Amen ICA Cinema’ (2002), a palindromic video which won the prize for the most original video at the Vancouver Videopoem festival.

‘Speech Marks’ (2004), shot on a mobile phone and ‘Similar to Nothing’ (2005) both won special prizes at the VAD Digital Arts Festival in Gerona.

– Catherine Elwes and Chris Meigh-Andrews (editors), 2006, ‘Analogue: Pioneering Video from the UK, Canada and Poland (1966-88)’, Exhibition Catalogue, EDAU Preston

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