Snow, George

“Born Hannover, Germany, 1948. Expelled from Hornsey College of Art 1970. Worked as a designer and illustrator for the underground press in the 1970s (Oz, International Times) as well as a press photographer in Northern Ireland for the left-wing press (Morning Star, Socialist Worker, Black Dwarf). In the 1980s, began computer programming and experimenting with video using the programmes he developed for IO Research’s ‘Pluto’ computer. Commissioned by The Art of Noise, London Beat and The Stranglers to make music videos. Screenings include: World Wide Video Festival , The Hague; Sao Paolo International Video Festival; ICA, London; Wroclaw, Poland; Montbeliard. One person retrospective at the Vigo Video festival 1991.”

David Curtis (ed) A Directory of British Film and Video Artists. The Arts Council of England.

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