Ancestral Voices (1983)


Sinden, Tony
  • Duration: N/A

    Year: 1993

    Type of work:


    Funding source: Commissioned by Picture This. Funded by The Arts Council Live Arts Commission and South West Arts with support from Bristol City Council and University of London.

    First exhibited: 7-28 January 1994 St Nicholas Church, Bristol

    Technical details: 4 screen installation

    Ancestral Voices installation view


    Ancestral Voices was a site-specific video commissioned by Picture This for the crypt of St Nicholas Church, Bristol.
    In the absence of daylight the subterranean medieval architecture of the crypt becomes a focal point of the work – revealed by the camera and cool light of video. The space, the technology, the lone spectator – a vital part of the encounter.

    Marketing image from Bristol exhibition
    Ancestral Voices Still

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