X-Tea (v. 2) (2015)

  • Year: 2015

    Type of work:


    Funding source: Self & University of Central Lancashire

    First exhibited: “With Love From Me to You”, James Taylor Gallery, London, Oct-Nov 2009

    Technical details: Glass kettle, video projector, computer.

    Initially a web-based work, Xtea was presented as a live video projection installation and performance in the exhibition “With Love From Me to You”, James Taylor Gallery, London on Sat, Oct 31st and Sunday, Nov 1st, 2009. The installation and web site was in homage to the Trojan room coffee machine camera installed in the computer lab at Cambridge University which became the world’s first web cam in 1993.

    “Xtea”, Sculpting with Light & Time, Minories Gallery, Colchester, 2015
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    Web Link: https://www.meigh-andrews.com/installations/2006-2010/xtea

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