Resurrection (2005)

  • Year: 2005

    Type of work:


    Funding source: British Council

    First exhibited: Cavalier St. James Centre for Creativity, Valetta, Nov. 2005

    Technical details: Site-Specific Installation for Solar Panels, DVD Player & Data Projector, paper “leaves”, tree and roots.            

    A dead tree , complete with roots (20-30 ft., approx) is cut exactly in half. The root end is mounted in the centre of the floor at one end of a rectangular gallery space, upturned. The upturned tree and roots are brightly lit by halogen lamps, casting a strong shadow on the opposite gallery wall. Small solar panels are arranged irregulalrly on the roots, wired in a series with the wires grouped and bundled and flowing down the trunk and in a bunch along the floor towards the centre of the gallery. The bunched cables terminate via a junction box at a 12 volt battery positioned in the centre of the space.

    The top half of the tree is mounted in centre of the ceiling pointing downwards, it’s branches reaching down towards the floor, numerous small rectangular sheets of heavy white paper are fixed to the branches, arranged to resemble leaves.

    Multiple wires, fed from the battery output, and raising up from the floor, are connected individually to different tree branches, and then fed towards the trunk forming a bundled core. These cables are connected to a junction box which feeds a ceiling-mounted DC powered DVD player. A mains powered data projector, mounted on the ceiling at the opposite end of the gallery, (above the roots) is fed a pre-recorded image sequence via the DVD player of the original living tree, complete with leaves, which are being blown by a fresh breeze. The projected image also creates a strong silhouette of the upturned tree on the gallery wall.

    The sound of the wind in the leaves fills the space. The image sequence cycles continuously.

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