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Critchley, David
  • This work is part of the rewind archive.

    Duration: 19mins 16secs

    Year: 1983

    Original formats:

    3/4" U-Matic Lo Band

    Media types:


    Type of work:

    Single Screen

    First exhibited: 1983 The Basement, Newcastle

    ‘This is a table-top tableau of personal items, toys, drinks, cigarettes, actions and non-verbal visual viewpoints.

    Though each is innocuous enough on its own, there is a sense of malice-aforethought in the collection of things in time and space against an un-specific black background. This is a sketchbook on video. A noting of starting or end points. Certain and uncertain. This was the last video-art piece I made for several years and is exploratory of expressing my own position as a person at that time, shortly before the birth of our first child.’ David Critchley

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