Eighteen Months Outside the Grounds of Obscenity and Libel and Inside the Grounds of Hyde Park


Leggett, Mike
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    Duration: 8 Hours42m 4s remain

    Year: 1975

    Original formats:

    1/2" EIAJ Type 1

    Media types:


    Type of work:

    Video Installation

    Funding source: Self, Serpentine Gallery, equipment supplied Exeter College of Art

    First exhibited: 1975 The Video Show, Serpentine Gallery

    “The tape, is the residue of an insert edit strategy conducted over the duration of the installation, possibly a Saturday and a Sunday. The view is from the windows of the Serpentine Gallery on the east side towards the road running through Hyde Park. The strategy involved accumulating different recording-time periods: the first recording was one hour long, the second inserted from 5 mins in to 55 mins in, etc. all according to the previous. Black space is inserted between each duration. People interact with the Installation in varieties of way – some deliberately position themselves in front of the camera, pull faces, make performances etc; others are more nonchalant and give a nod or a wink. One or two are recognisable: Guy Sherwin grins and waves into the camera; Lis Rhodes walks by… The weekend was a wet early summer occasion, at one point the rain being quite visible and few visitors in evidence.” Mike Leggett

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