Leggett, Mike

Mike Leggett has been working across the institutions of art, education, cinema and television with media since the mid-60s. In 1969 he was a founding member of the London Film-makers Co-operative workshop and in 1975 the Independent Film-makers Association (UK) and was an active member of the British film and television union (ACTT), and until recently was on the Board of dLux Media Arts (Sydney). He has film and video work in archives and collections in Europe, Australia, North and South America and has practiced professionally as an artist, curator, writer, director, producer, editor, photographer, teacher, manager, administrator and computer consultant. Currently he teaches interactive multimedia at the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Technology Sydney. He has recently been the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award.

“Leggett’s early experiment was with film, though his exploration of video started in the ’70s with CCTV and performance (i.e. One with Ian Breakwell), and re-contextualising the video image as film to questioning the electronic technology and its ‘ambiguities’. Leggett has moved fluidly between shifting moving-image technologies, film, video and digital, and engages the audience directly with the associated and variable discourses.” – J.Hatfield

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