Stubbs, Mike

Mike Stubbs was Director/CEO of FACT in Liverpool. He was previously Head of Exhibitions at the Australian Centre for Moving Image, Melbourne, where he has curated and produced blockbuster exhibitions including: ‘White Noise’, ‘Stanley Kubrick’, and ‘2006 Contemporary Commonwealth’.

In the 1980s, as founding Director of Hull Time Based Arts, he established the ROOT festival and Timebase Media Centre. Encompassing a broad range of arts and media, his own practice has been internationally acknowledged. His tapes and films have ranged from witty investigations of male behaviour to visual essays on landscape and the environment. As a young artist in London in the 1980s, he was known for his political commitment and participated in the production of ‘The Miners Tapes’ (1984), an independent document of the long and fruitless struggle of the British miners against Margaret Thatcher’s plan to destroy the mining industry.

In 2002 Stubbs exhibited at Tate Britain; in 2004 at the Baltic Newcastle and in 2006 at the Experimental Arts Foundation, Adelaide. In 2003 he was awarded a Banff Fleck Fellowship.

– Catherine Elwes and Chris Meigh-Andrews (editors), 2006, ‘Analogue: Pioneering Video from the UK, Canada and Poland (1966-88)’, Exhibition Catalogue, EDAU Preston

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