St James, Marty

Marty St James, high exponent of the video portrait, has worked primarily across performance art, video art and drawing. “Exploring the physical, the electric and the pencil”, as he describes it. A time-based media artist straddling modernist and post-modernist times, his work locates itself between the narrative of meaning and the meaninglessness of re-assemblage. Working with Anne Wilson in the 1980s, he developed a satrical performance style of video chronicling the life and times of suburban England. St James could be seen as a type of visual Beckett. He has exhibited in leading museums in the USA, Europe, Russia, South America and Japan.

St James is currently Professor of Fine Art in the school of Art and Design at the University of Hertfordshire.

– Catherine Elwes and Chris Meigh-Andrews (editors), 2006, ‘Analogue: Pioneering Video from the UK, Canada and Poland (1966-88)’, Exhibition Catalogue, EDAU Preston

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