Janus – an Italian artist who made work with Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Ferrara

Translated Excerpt from Asset “Camere incantate, espansione dell’immagine” (Milan, Palazzo Reale, 15th May-15th June 1980), exhibition catalogue, Milan 1980 :

Sussilti and silence
June 1979

Realization: Lola Bonora, Carlo Ansaloni, Giovanni Grandi.
Participation by: Domenicali Anna Paola and Kit Maryse.
Production: Civic Gallery of Modern Art, Palazzo dei
Diamonds, Ferrara.

The action takes place in the courtyard of the Palazzo dei Diamanti, in a
sunny afternoon of June 29, 1979, in a delimited corner
from the grasses and the stones, from the high windows closed by a cage of
iron and solitary Roman tombs, among which it is placed,
but we could better say one of the two protagonists stretched out
of representation.

Video as a purely mechanical and impersonal tool, it
is placed in the center of an imaginary line consisting of time:
on the one hand the past, with its eternity made of stones, of
inscriptions, memories, on the other the present, with its flesh, its
suffering, its profanation.

The protagonists of the video are the two girls who lend themselves to
repetition of previously agreed gestures and emotions, but
the protagonist is also the egg, one of the most perfect forms of
nature, container of life, eternity and even death.
Key feature: B does not speak, does not moan, does not express
no revolt, even if lips are not gagged. She can not
move, but she may speak or scream or make herself heard anyway

her voice and her feelings. Like the heroines of Sade it doesn’t
she rebels, she does not flee, she does not escape her destiny. Her answer
to life is precisely silence.

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