Duvet Brothers

The Duvet Brothers are Peter Boyd Maclean and Rik Lander. Lander and Maclean met at The Colchester Film Workshop and began collaborating in 1983. Their first collaborative work was Torchsong – Don’t Look Now. Beginning as a parody of a pop promo and recorded using 2 VCRs to the soundtrack of Magazine’s Motorcade, Boyd Maclean showed the completed piece to a band, the band wanted to re-make the promo starring themselves – the band was Torchsong and the song was Don’t Look Now.

The Duvet Brothers employ the technique, and were part of the mid 80’s art movement of Scratch Video. Scratch Video arose in opposition to the mass communication of broadcast television, and employed a technique involving fast-cutting and elements of found footage. Perhaps the Duvet’s most well known work is ‘Blue Monday’ (1984). The piece was screened on Channel 4 in 1985 and featured on George Barber’s compilation ‘The Greatest Hits of Scratch Video Volume 1’.

Both Rik Lander and Peter Boyd Maclean currently work as directors. Lander has worked for Channel 4, covering events such as the Turner Prize and Boyd Maclean has directed animation pieces including ‘Crapston Villas’ and ‘Greaseland’.

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