REWIND Publication Launch

Tate Modern, Southbank, London
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm, 25th September 2012

Exhuming the lost history of the invention of video art in the UK, Rewind has emerged as a crucial research project. The Rewind team has remastered and archived important early single channel and installation works, interviewed artists, collected ephemera, curated exhibitions, distributed DVDs, developed conferences and built a strong web presence at This event launched the book resulting from the project, ‘Rewind: British Artists’ Video in the 1970s & 1980s’, edited by Sean Cubitt and Stephen Partridge and published by John Libbey. It was a celebration, with pioneers of UK video art and the curators, distributors, activists and writers who made it happen, with presentations by Grahame Weinbren & Siegfried Zielinsk and screenings of works by David Hall, David Critchley, Cate Elwes, Mike Stubbs, Stephen Partridge, Madelon Hooykaas/Elsa Stansfield, Elaine Shemilt, Judith Goddard, Duvet Brothers, Kevin Atherton, Ian Breakwell.