Duvet Brothers Multiscreen

Dundee Contemporary Arts
5th November 2010 - 19th November 2010

Influential 1980s video artists, the Duvet Brothers, performed together for the first time in over 20 years. From 1984-1989, The Duvet Brothers,AKA Rik Lander and Peter Boyd Maclean, were pioneering Scratch Video artists who produced innovative music, pop videos, commercials, and TV title sequences as well as becoming known for their riotous live performances. The duo performed a renowned show they originally presented at the Limelight Club in Soho in September 1986, which became an installation and ran until 19th November.

Performance: 5 November 2010, 8pm

Exhibition: 6-19 November 2010

Exhibition opening times: Tues-Fri 12.00-16.00, Sat-Sun 12.30-17.30