TV Interruptions 93


Hall, David


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    Duration: In 5 Parts: reacTV, 1min; contexTV, 1min; withouTV, 1min; exiTV, 1min; ecstaseeTV, 1min 30secs

    Year: 1993

    Original formats:

    Betacam SP

    Broadcast: MTV 1994 (transmitted repeatedly throughout 1994 internationally between scheduled programmes).

    Funding source: MTV

    First exhibited: MTV 1994

    Five works commissioned by MTV Networks were transmitted unannounced, internationally, and repeatedly throughout 1994 between scheduled programmes.

    reacTV: ‘In reacTV there is abjection, rats…. and vacating doves’
    contexTV: ‘In this second piece the back of a TV set with superimposed images fills the screen as a voice repeats ‘this is a this is a this’, each time with differing inflections.’
    exiTV: ‘In the third piece television accelerates from its beginnings to its demise.. in one minute.’
    withouTV: ‘In this fourth piece a zoom out of an empty TV set frames empty framed images from past zooms.. in a desolate landscape beyond.’
    ecstaseeTV: ‘In ecstaseeTV a live TV set ‘falls’ in slow motion to the top of the screen – smashing, followed by another and another, until the space is filled.’
    -David Hall


  • Quotes:

    Commissioned by MTV Networks,  produced by Annalogue, and transmitted worldwide (unannounced) through 1993-94.’Conceived in the spirit of the 1971 pieces, TV Interruptions 93 were shot or post-produced using advanced colour video technology, electronic effects and a refinement gained over Hall’s 25 years work in time-based media. Taken together, they constitute a potted summary of Hall’s preoccupations in video and television, and perhaps of the progression of video art as a ‘genre’…’
    – Mick Hartney, InT/Ventions.., Diverse Practices: A Critical Reader on British Video Art 1996.

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