Tumbled Frame


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    Duration: 23m 8s

    Year: 1984

    Original formats:

    1" SMPTE Type C

    Type of work:

    Single Screen

    Broadcast: 1984 Channel 4 Television

    Funding source: Channel 4 Television/Annalogue Productions

    First exhibited: 1984 Channel 4 Television

    Riverside Studios ‘Dadarama & Ian Breakwell’s Diaries’ – Artists’ works for Channel 4 Television, 1985. Featuring Tumbled Frame by Rose Garrard. pdf here



  • Quotes:

    A woman is a woman is a woman – to paraphrase Gertrude Stein once again to the point and for obvious reasons – but the reality of womanhood is totally different from the symbolic representations of woman in art history. The images of women offered to us, such as the Madonna, Pandora, Judy Garland and Monroe, have acquired their weight through the artist’s approach, through what he wants (or wanted) to express vial in woman. In an attempt to escape from this confined image  and to meet the need to give it a new and more personal weight, the woman artist – in this case Rose Garrard – takes over the role of the models. She feels ill at ease in this strait jacket and the craving for a wider range of alternatives becomes steadily more acute. No innocent Madonna, no sex symbol designed merely for pleasure, but the mythic weight of Pandora provides a key: she denied humanity its gift of paradise, but endowed it with a more realistic world instead.
    SB Women’s Video Festival, Dortmund, Germany

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