BBC2 Building Sites: The Boots Building


Flaxton, Terry


  • Iwona Blazwick (Curator ICA)

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    Duration: 9m 32s

    Year: 1989

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    Broadcast: Wed 28th Feb 1990, 22:20 on BBC Two England

    Funding source: BBC

    The Boots Factory in Nottingham is a vast glass palace built by Owen Williams in 1932. Iwona Blazwick, from London’s ICA, tours the factory which is acknowledged as a masterpiece of early British modernism.

    Producer CLARE PATERSON, Director TERRY FLAXTON BBC Elstree.

    Part of BBC2 Building Sights Series


    elance for the BBC), 1990 – 15 mins

    The Boots Wets Building with Iwona Blazwick

    (Freelance for the BBC), 1990 – 15 mins

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