Adams, John


  • Ken Gill

  • This work is part of the rewind archive.

    Duration: 13 mins

    Year: 1982

    Original formats:

    3/4" U-Matic Lo Band

    Media types:


    Funding source: Northern Arts

    Technical details: Shot in Aidanvison studios, Carlisle

    In Stories, Adams fuses storytelling and performance in a reverie on reality and fiction. The artist sits alone in near darkness while, in voiceover, he relates a series of seemingly autobiographical anecdotes — “inside information” marked by irony, loss and black humor. This stark interrogation of self is accompanied by evocative narrative signifiers: a ringing telephone, a ticking clock, a naked light bulb, flickering TV images of a porn movie. The ambiguity of his stories — memory? dreams? fictions? — implies a tension between the construction of personal reality and the internalization of the conventions of popular fiction. As Adams writes, “The stories are all true. The character, of course, is fiction.” – Electronic Arts Intermix.

    Piece written about John Adams and his video works for the Electronic Arts Intermix Catalogue pdf here.

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