One (1971)


Breakwell, Ian


  • Mike Leggett

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    Year: 1971

    Original formats:

    16mm Film

    Media types:



    Type of work:

    Performance installation with CCTV

    Under the direction of Ian Breakwell and Mike Leggett, labourers spend a day shovelling earth around in a circle of piles in the upper gallery space (at Angela Flowers Gallery, London). The action is relayed by closed-circuit video to a monitor in the ground floor gallery window, and is often confused by passers-by with activities of Apollo 14 astronauts on the Moon, showing on most televisions elsewhere.

    The durational video event ‘One’ may be the first UK video performance/installation piece. Also, ‘One’s humorous implications that the moon landing might just as well (or even did) take place in a TV studio was belatedly speculated upon by the mass media. (Ian Breakwell)

    Julia Knight (ed), Diverse Practices: A Critical Reader on British Video Art, Arts Council England/John Libbey Media/University of Luton Press, Luton, 1996

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