On Video 5 (Statement of the Art)


Flaxton, Terry


  • Penny Dedman (Producer)

  • Duration: 56'10"

    Year: 1987

    A history of UK Video made by Triple Vision, Directed and shot by by Terry Flaxton, Producer Penny Dedman.
    Part of a series on video art – directed by Terry Flaxton, featured video-works selected by Rod Stoneman
    With clips/interviews: George Snow; Lori Zippay; Fritts Maats; Lidewyde de Smet; Maia Giacobbe Borelli; Virginie Roux/Anne Soalhat; Anne Marie Duguet; Andre Colinet; Joelle de la Casiniere; Graham Young; Wolfgang Preikschat; George Maas; Thrassyvoulos Giatsios; Marta Batille;

    Available on youtube   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0I6OPXNkmk

    updated April 2022

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