NLV1 (Strange Attractor)


Gillman, Clive
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    Duration: 4'08

    Year: 1989

    Original formats:

    3/4" U-Matic Lo Band

    Media types:


    “UK based artists such as Clive Gillman and Lei Cox began to explore the potential of electronic processing as it crossed the digital threshold. Clive Gillman (1960-, UK) produced NLV (Non Linear Video) (1989-1990) as an ongoing series of visually inventive short works which featured a complex layering of analogue images using digital post-production techniques. In the 1991 London Video Arts Catalogue, Gillman described NLV 1 (Strange Attractor) (1989) as:

    …the introduction to a story of apparitions, piracy and science and is sub-titled ‘Strange Attractor’. A strange attractor is a term that describes the equilibrium towards which any chaotic system will descend. The descent is in vain as the equilibrim is never quite achieved – this is the curse of all non-linear systems.

    For Gillman, the NLV series represented a significant shift from his previous single-screen video tape work of the early 1980s towards a more non-linear and interactive approach that he developed with subsequent installation work such as Losing (1991), a multi-channel video installation comprising eleven monitors, a desk-top computer and a video projector.”

    Chris Meigh-Andrews, A History of Video Art, The Development of Form and Function. Berg, 2006.

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