Making News


Flaxton, Terry
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    Duration: 37m 7s

    Year: 1983

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    1982 and in the thick of the Thatcher destruction we were asked by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom to examine the way that the media distorted the news – not because there was a conspiracy now or then, but because this is the lens that media people use when looking at the world – a set of values that they’ve taken on because that’s the entry fee to the profession. The BBC used this for some years to teach their reporters how not to do it – or at least how not to be found out doing it… We were threatened by two unions, the ACTT (now Bectu) and the NUJ that if we went ahead with a certain item they would take away our union status – we didn’t listen of course and went ahead – the sad thing was that the unions were supposed to be on the side of the worker…. Hey ho

    -Terry Flaxton

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