Kick in the Eye


Adams, John
  • Duration: Continuous

    Year: 1978

    Media types:


    Type of work:

    Three monitor installation with switching device

    Funding source: Self Funded

    First exhibited: The White Room at the Polytechnic 1978 and then a few months later at Coventry School of Art, Media Centre, 'Events Space 3'.

    Technical details: Kick In The Eye is a 3-monitor installation which takes advantage of some technological and physiological phenomena. Description Two monitors are arranged, on plinths or wall mounts at a height of approx 1.7m and approx 6.5m apart. The monitors are connected to a video source (e.g. DVD player) via a unit which switches the video signal successively to each monitor at two second intervals. A third monitor is mounted centrally between monitor 1 and 2 at the same height. This monitor however is rotated 90 degrees to display in portrait rather than landscape format. The monitor is also configured to display a single vertical image (which appears as a bright white line). The space is dark and a central viewing area is arranged centrally approximately 6m in front of monitor 3.

    Artist’s description of the Installation ‘Kick in the Eye’. pdf here

    Artist’s diagram of the Installation ‘Kick in the Eye’. pdf here

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