Larcher, David
  • This work is part of the rewind archive.

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Year: 1983-97

    Original formats:

    Betacam SP

    Media types:


    Psychobabble in a bubble
    “In a loose sort of way it focuses on psychoanalytic forms and procedures. Lacanian ideas, schemas, underlie much of what goes on in the tape. His categories of Symbolic, Imaginary, Real translate particularly well into video, whilst his formulas and diagrams often rely on visual analogies. His seminars, ‘The eye and the gaze’, ‘The line and the light’, refer directly to optical phenomena, and his later concerns with topology and knot formation lend themselves to illustration in a visual format. These ideas will not be referred to directly; rather they will be made implicit. The tape will conform to the analytic hour (50 min.), which would coincide neatly with the TV hour of 52 minutes. The presence of the 3 – Fish, Ich, Analyst (once again Symbolic, Imaginary, Real) – will reinforce the illusionary nature of I-dentification, my interpretation being seen to derive from a common sense Euclidian version of space. The aquarium acts as a framing mechanism. The analyst will in principle remain outside the frame. He will play the role of supervisor, security camera, lecturer/teacher, etc”

    There will be visual ambivalence in the fact that I will look 12 years older a different moments of the tape.
    – Rudolf Frieling, after David Larcher

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