ICH TANK (4 Screen version)


Larcher, David
  • Duration: 25 min

    Year: 2001 (Durchblick Version 2001, edited for four screens 2004)

    Media types:


    “Hence the German title which refers to das ich, the ego, thus I, conceived of as an aquarium one gazes, glances, looks, views (blick) through. In the english rendering it refers homophonically to the eye and is intended to draw the attention to the latter’s formative role in the constitution of the notion of self. The glassy stare reflecting the containing transparency of a fisch vision through its aquarium/bowl. The fisheye (ich/I) which converts the rectangle of the frame into a circle in the process of seeing more. The word ichtian, pertaining in English to fish, the I CH ing, etc, emphasised something I didn’t know. The wall seemed to act like a psychic fish tank. Wherever I went I was seeing isch, everything was ichthyoid. Eventually I got myself an ich…. This then is the origin of the tape, it centers around interpretations of the ichtian act based on a series of happy and
    sometimes exhausting misreadings.”
    – David Larcher

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