Ian Breakwell’s Christmas Diary (aka Ian Breakwell’s Xmas Diary 1984)


  • Annalogue Productions for Channel 4

  • This work is part of the rewind archive.

    Duration: 8 Programmes (total duration 65 mins)1.5'552.Six to Eight, 4'403.Circus, 6'294.One Million Turkeys, 8'345. 6'176.Victorian Values, 8'137.1984, 14'328.The Monarch of Misrule, 11'50

    Year: 1984

    Original formats:

    1" SMPTE Type C

    Media types:


    Type of work:


    Broadcast: Channel 4

    Technical details: 8 Programmes Colour and sound

    A televisual diary which takes a disrespectful attitude to the festive season. We share the artist’s provocative and entertaining thoughts, with digs at the establishment, politicians and yuletide conventions interspersed with items such as alternative Christmas recipes.

    Press clipping from ‘City Limits’ including TV listing for Ian Breakwell’s ‘Christmas Diary’. pdf here.

    Riverside Studios ‘Dadarama & Ian Breakwell’s Diaries’ – Artists’ works for Channel 4 Television, 1985. pdf here

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