Five Closedowns for Television


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    Duration: 5 Parts: Stars/Eagle Clouds, 8'47 Green River/Yellow River, 9'41 Spire, 8'50 Heat, 9'26 Ripple, 9'54

    Year: 1984

    Original formats:

    1" SMPTE Type C

    Media types:


    Type of work:

    Broadcast as single screen, also shown as silent installation on multiple screens.

    Broadcast: 1985 Channel 4 Television

    Funding source: Channel 4 Television

    First exhibited: 1985 Channel 4 Television

    Technical details: Stereo sound

    Riverside Studios ‘Dadarama & Ian Breakwell’s Diaries’ – Artists’ works for Channel 4 Television, 1985. Featuring Five Closedowns by David Cunningham. pdf here

  • Quotes:

    The ‘5 Closedowns’ were made for Channel 4 in 1984, as part of a television series of artists works, entitled ‘Dadarama’ which was initiated and produced by Annalogue Productions and broadcast in 1985. Each programme was shown last thing at night, when TV channels, at the time, closed down for the evening. Each of the pieces feature water, it’s reflections and its rhythmic movement, which is also reflected in the ambient soundtrack. “I was concerned with a number of issues, an idea of ambient television, a way to use the more seductive qualities of the video image with soundtrack structures that didn’t work purely within the domain of recorded sound.” – David Cunningham.

    Anna Ridley, Producer    John Greaves, Bass Guitar    Robert Fripp, Guitar

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