Flaxton, Terry
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    Duration: 22m 13s

    Year: 1983

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    Single Screen


    I shot this in 1983. The Tourists used to come down to a studio called Videomakers in Shaftesbury Avenue and did a promo or two there. But by 1983 I had started as stringer for MTV in Europe and got this job to interview Annie and Dave – I realised that within the footage was a way of characterising who/what they had going and we’d just got a new box which enabled us to freeze an image – hence the extensive use of that form. But I was also into the balletics of hand-held camera work and wanted to reveal an entire performance in one take which you’ll see at the end of this. In fact at that time (and before) I was a video artist trying out different things to reveal/expose the nature of the then new medium…. I still create artworks and you can google a few things on sedition an online art platform – but if you look at my channel you’ll see various experiements over the last 45 years of playing with moving images. I’m 60+ and it’s very weird being an enthusiastic youth and getting older – because the enthusiasm for innovation hasn’t left me in the least… -Terry Flaxton

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