Echoes Revenge


Flaxton, Terry
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    Duration: 6m 19s

    Year: 1992

    Media types:


    Type of work:

    Single Screen


    “Taking on some ideas from The Inevitability of Colour, I decided that to develop the idea I was going to personalise Echo and Narcissus and I was going to have Echo be feisty and argumentative – that in fact Echo as Sound, though often gently and unquestioningly accompanying Narcissus (Image) in their joint procession in television, the cinema or the gallery, could this time interrogate and interrupt him and not let him get off so lightly. Echo’s Revenge became Part 2 of the Colour Trilogy which premiered in the 1992 Bonn Biennale. Later, after many years, in the work ‘Who are we to imitate God’ (1989/2009) I made a companion piece to Echo’s Revenge entitled Echo’s Compassion where the essential interrogation she performs in this work, is in fact a compassionate act.” – Terry Flaxton

    updatd April 2022

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