Cloud Cover


Hartney, Mick


  • Ian Spalding (Chief Engineer, University of Brighton Media Services)

  • This work is part of the rewind archive.

    Duration: 2m 8s

    Year: 1980

    Original formats:

    1" SMPTE Type C

    Media types:


    Type of work:

    Single Screen

    Funding source: Self

    Technical details: Used chroma-keying.

    “The main TV studio at Brighton Polytechnic was equipped with a chroma-key facility and I was interested to see what could be done with it apart from weather presenter type superimpositions. I felt that the bringing together of two spaces into a single image would be more effective the more similarities there were. I came up with a very simple idea of using the same mirror in the same orientation apparently reflecting both an interior and an exterior space in one seamless sequence” Mick Hartney, March 2008

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