Chile Lucha

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    Duration: 15mins

    Year: 1974

    Original formats:

    1/2" EIAJ Type 1

    Media types:


    Funding source: Chile Lucha Campaign; Fantasy Factory; Mike Leggett. Portapak from Exeter College of Art

    First exhibited: 1974

    “This tape was completed after Mike and Hoppy arrived, by coincidence, at a rally in Trafalgar Square organised by the Chile Solidarity Campaign (Chile Lucha) in September 1974. This was the first anniversary of the military coup that had overthrown Salvador AllendeÌs popular government in Chile, with the active involvement of the USA government.

    The tape intercuts interviews with refugees and activists from the movement with the speeches and music made during the rally. Completed over the following days at Fantasy Factory, the tape was subsequently used by the Campaign to background for audiences the need to maintain the rage and build an effective resistance to the military regime.” Mike Leggett

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