by Kevin Atherton

FLOOD is delighted to announce the publication of Kevin Atherton’s Auto-Interview, extending a lifelong series of work where the artist has interviewed himself on video.

Auto-Interview is interesting on many levels, as a means of asking who is doing what in the business of encountering and interpreting an artwork, but also from an historical point of view – the interview provides an ideal opportunity to look back into the beginnings of key practices, such as video art, new media, work on television, etc.

The interview is also about an artist being, or at least trying to be, brutally honest about their own practice, its relevance, context and meaning, and if indeed it should be any of these things.

This publication is the first of a new series, with future publications forthcoming on a yearly basis.’Auto-Interview’ retails at €10 / £8.

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Published/distributed by Flood Dublin

ISBN 9781470995065

Available from Flood here.