Haselden, Ron

Born 1944. Ron Haselden was awarded an Andrew Grant scholarship to study sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art (1961-66). He taught sculpture in the Department of Fine Art, Reading University, Chelsea and the Slade and founded the mixed media area at Reading in the early seventies. He has exhibited his installations and light works extensivelyand was an active part of the Expanded Cinema movement in the early 1970s.He lives and works in London and in Plouër-sur-Rance, France.

Haselden was awarded the Sargant Fellowship at the British School at Rome, Italy and during the course of his productions he has received awards and grants from numerous funding bodies which include The Arts Council of Great Britain, The Lorne Award, The Hamlyn Foundation, The Elephant Trust, The Esmée Fairbairn Trust, The London Arts Board, The Henry Moore Foundation,The British Council and The RSA Art for Architecture Award Scheme and Alliance Française.

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  • Exhibitions:

    *1976 Inglese Arte Oggi, Milan.
    *1976 Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol.
    *1976 Acme Gallery, London.
    *1977 Experimental Film, Hayward Gallery, London.
    *1977 Serpentine Gallery, London.
    *1977 Peterloo Gallery, Manchester.
    *1977 Third Eye Gallery, Glasgow.
    *1977 Aberdeen Museum and Art Gallery, Aberdeen.
    *1977 Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh.
    *1977 Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.
    *1978 Film as Film, Hayward Gallery, London.
    *1978 Acme Gallery, London.
    *1978 Syracuse University, New York.
    *1980 Holborn Underground Station Competition, Whitechapel Gallery, London.
    *1980 Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
    *1980 Sunderland Arts Centre, Sunderland.
    *1981 Art and the Sea, Third Eye Gallery, Glasgow.
    *1981 University Gallery, Liverpool.
    *1981 Drawings – Hannah Collins and Ron Haselden, ICA, London.
    *1982 Acme Gallery, London.
    *1982 British drawing, Hayward Annual, Hayward Gallery, London.
    *1982 Working Drawings, Nottingham Group Gallery, Nottingham.
    *1982 Serpentine Gallery, London.
    *1982 Premio Lubiam, Palazzo de Gonsanga, Sabbioneta.
    *1982 Summer Exhibition, Lewis Johnstone Gallery, London.
    *1983 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
    *1983 Drawing in Air, Sunderland Arts Centre, Sunderland.
    *1983 Murdoch Lothian Gallery, Liverpool.
    *1983 St Albans College of Art Gallery.
    *1983 Lewis Johnstone Gallery, London.
    *1984 The Dog Show, Interim Gallery, London.
    *1984 Capital Painting, Barbican Centre, London.
    *1984 The Mask Show, Café Gallery, London.
    *1984 Complex Spaces, Third Eye Gallery, Glasgow.
    *1984 Art Within Reach, AIR Gallery, London.
    *1984 Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
    *1985 Axiom Review, Axion Gallery, Cheltenham.
    *1985 Cleveland Art Centre, Middlesborough.
    *1985 Sandra Drew Gallery, Canterbury.
    *1985 Camerawork Gallery, London.
    *1985 Andrew Lamont Gallery, London.
    *1985 Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds.
    *1985 Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, Cambridge.
    *1986 Art in Place, St. Michael’s Gallery, Derby.
    *1986 Timespring, University Art Gallery, Reading.
    *1986 Future 2000, Darkroom Gallery, Cambridge.
    *1986 Photogalleriet, Oslo.
    *1986 Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.
    *1987 Camerawork Gallery, London.
    *1987 The Shelf Show, Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge.
    *1988 The Icon Show, Mario Flecha Gallery, London.
    *1988 Grey Matter, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
    *1988 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London.
    *1989 Ways of Telling, Mostyn Art Gallery, North Wales.
    *1989 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London.
    *1989 The Scottish Connection, Crammond Sculpture Park, Edinburgh.
    *1989 Showroom Gallery, London.
    *1989 Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester.
    *1990 Goldsmiths College Art Gallery, London.
    *1990 Artists for Nuclear Disarmament, Woolwich, London.
    *1990 Before Sculpture, New York Studio School, New York.
    *1990 New Light on Sculpture, Tate Gallery, Liverpool.
    *1990 Serpentine Gallery, London.
    *1991, The Mairie, Plouer-sus-Rance.
    *1991 Corriger les Lieux, Dazibao Gallery, Montreal.
    *1991 Three Weeks, Three Machines, Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna.
    *1991 Galeria Furcares, Madrid, Spain.
    *1991 New Meanings for City Sites, Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham.
    *1991 The Ark, Minories Art Gallery, Colchester.
    *1992 British Art, Glarus, Switzerland.
    *1992 Sculptures en Mouvement, Office Municipal Cultural de Loudeac, France.
    *1992 British Art, Bruno Bucher Gallery, Poitier.
    *1992 Gallery Apunto, Amsterdam.
    *1992 Galerie W139, Amsterdam.
    *1992 Lux Europa, Edinburgh.
    *1992 Fundacion Banco Patricos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    *1993 Appollohuis Gallery, Eindhoven.
    *1993 Plays Monastery Sculpture Symposium, Czech Republic.
    *1993 South London Gallery, London.
    *1994 Stichtig de Appel, Netherlands.
    *1994 Café Gallery, London.
    *1994 Gmunder Kunstverein, Schwäbisch.
    *1994 Tate Gallery, Liverpool.
    *1995 In Vino Veritas, The British School at Rome, Rome.
    *1995 Here and Now, Serpentine Gallery, London.
    *1997 Theatro di Marcello, Rome.
    *1998 Tate Gallery, London.
    *1998 The Department of Meteorology, University of Reading.
    *1998 Tate Gallery, St. Ives.
    *1998 Galerie du Tnb Rennes, France.
    *1998 Rack Gallery, London.
    *1998 International Kunstforum, Drewen.
    *1998 Centre for Freudian Analysis & Research, London.
    *1998 Centre d’Arts Plastiques, St. Fons, Lyon.
    *1999 Museum of Film, Video and Photography, Bradford.
    *2000 Salway Performing Arts Centre, Stratford, London.
    *2001 Galerie Triangle,Rennes.
    *2001 Tadu Contemporary Art, Bangkok.
    *2001 The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Rotherhithe, London.
    *2002 Mobile Home Gallery, London.
    *2013 Galerie des petits carreaux, St. Briac.
    *2013 Les Guérandes, Plouër-sur-Rance.
    *2013 FRAC Bretagne, Rennes.
    *2014 Galerie des petits carreaux, Paris.
    *2015 Hôtel Particulier, Musée D’art et Histoire du Pays de Château Gontier, Château Gontier.
    *2015 Galeries des petits carreaux, St. Briac.
    *2016 Fabrica Art Gallery, Brighton.
    *2016 Grundy Gallery, Blackpool.
    *2017 Gallery Hå gamle prestegard, Håvegen.
    *2018 Lumiere London, St. Martin in the Fields Church, London.
    *2018 Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury.
    *2019 Lake Gallery, lONDON.
    *2019 Galerie des petits carreaux, St. Briac.
    *2019 Late Night Leeds, Leeds.
    *2019 Lumiere Durham, Durham.
    *2020 La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel-Marne-La-Vallée.
    *2020 Summer Solstice, Limehouse Reach, London.
    *2020 Finis Terrae, Ile D’Ouessant.

    Film Festivals
    Films selected for screening at the following film and media festivals:
    *1976 Festival of Expanded Cinema, ICA, London.
    *2013 Lumiere Festival, Durham & Derry.

  • Videography:

    Overhead Spiral

    Railway Carriage
    Railway Trolley
    Three Cycles


    Double Portrait
    MFV Maureen
    Photoelectric Cell Film
    Environmental Cycle

    Lady Dog
    Providence Trawling
    Sticks for the Dog

    Turning Scrap

    Paper/Paper II

    Graving Dock

    Trellick Tower


    New York

    La Campagne

    Mille Enfant de Lyon

    Family Idea
    La Lande Chauvre

    Brothers and Sisters

    Tours de Lumière

    Family Garden Madrid
    La Nuit Blanche
    Field 2

    Les Chemins des Pendus

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