Mori, Marceline

“I am interested in widening the field of possibilities in video by questioning the forms of representation and narration and by challenging habits organised by tradition and reinforced by the mass media, which purport to give an authentic transcription of ‘reality’, where in fact it is an ossified representation of a limited ideology.”

Marceline Mori, 1977

Studied, and now lectures on video art, at Sorbonne University, Paris. Exhibited tapes in France including the St Charles Centre, Paris. Is publishing a research paper on British Video Art for the Georges Pompidou Centre. La Belle et la Bête is an exploration of combining two distinct experiences. The first being the reflection seen on the surface of a TV receiver screen, and the second provided electronically when the set is switched on. The tape is constructed around an integration of images and sounds from the ‘internal’ and ‘external spaces both implied and occupied by the receiver.
1977 (‘Video Arts 78’ catalogue)

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