Dickson, Malcolm (Curator, writer)

Malcolm Dickson is a curator, writer, organiser and Director of Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow, whose programme includes a diverse range of local, national and international lens-based artists (www.streetlevelphotoworks.org). He has curated numerous projects including ‘Lost and Found: video installations from the 70s and 80s’ as part of Glasgow International 2010; a retrospective of the photography work of John Hoppy Hopkins, and the accompanying talks series ‘In Search of Space’; the visual arts programme of ‘Radiance: Glasgow’s Festival of Light’, including work by Michael Pinsky, Martin Richman, Nigel Johnson, and Samantha Clark; ‘Infinitude: new media artworks’ at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow; and the Dotcrawl web resource for video art in Scotland. In the early 90s he initiated the New Visions International Festival of Film, Video and Media, and co-curated the first two festivals in 1992 and 1994. He has been on the Board of Glasgow Film and Video Workshop and helped establish New Media Scotland through its Digital Art and Moving Image Commissions in 1997. As an artist in the late eighties, he has exhibited video installations at the Third Eye Centre, Transmission Exchange to Bergen, the Smith Biennale, Audio-Visueel Experimenteel, Arnhem, and promoted the work of Scottish moving image artists at various festivals and events. He has also played a key role in a number of artist-driven initiatives, including Transmission and EventSpace, and was the founding editor of Variant magazine (1987-1994). Recent articles include ‘Coals to Newcastle’ on the origins of artists initiatives in Glasgow, in the book ‘This Cannot Happen Without You’ on the collected archives of the Basement Group/Projects UK; ‘Vide Verso: Video’s Critical Corpus’ in the book on Rewind (forthcoming by BFI); and ‘Everthing is Round: the Video Environments of Stansfield/Hooykaas’ accompanying the exhibition ‘Revealing the Invisible’, 2010. He is Honourary Senior Research Fellow at Dundee University.

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