The Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts (ASAC) collects, catalogues, expands and evaluates the conservational and documentary assets of the Venice Biennale, gathered from 1895 to the present.
Located in the VEGA complex in the mainland of Venice, the ASAC offers services of documentation, research and experimentation in the field of contemporary arts: visual arts, architecture, cinema, music, dance, and theatre.
It also promotes the circulation of documentary material produced by the Biennale at institutions, cultural associations, schools, and universities, collaborating with the various sectors in organising events.

The ASAC is divided into:

• Historic fund
• Photo library
• Film library
• Media library
• Poster collection
• Documentary material
• Library (* located at Giardini, next to the Central Pavilion)
• Periodicals
• Collection of scores
• Artistic fund

– Source La Biennale di Venezia