art/tapes/22 was a pioneering video studio in Florence, Italy operated by Maria Gloria Bicocchi from 1973 to 1976. Over 150 seminal artists’ videotapes were produced and distributed by art/tapes/22. It was Europe’s first production and distribution studio for artist’s videos, engaging artists the world over including Long Beach based Bill Viola who was the technical director from 1974-76.
At the end of 1976 the studio closes and sells all the works produced and part of the photographic documentation of Gianni Melotti to the ASAC Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts of the Venice Biennale. After restoration, the works produced by Art / tapes / 22 are now available for consultation in Venice.

A selection of video works produced by art/tapes/22

Vito Acconci
Come Back, 1973, b/w, 33m 24s, sound
Full Circle, 1973, b/w, 32m 43s, sound
Home Movies, 1973, b/w, 33m 24s, sound
Indirect Approches, 1973, b/w, 33m 11s, sound
Theme Song, 1973, b/w, 33m 19s, sound

Vincenzo Agnetti
Documentario N?2, 1973, b/w, 8m, sound

Enrico Bafico
Corrispondenze n. 1, 1975, b/w, 11m 29s, sound
Corrispondenze n. 2, 1975, b/w, 13m 38s, sound

John Baldessarri
The Italian Tape, 1974, b/w, 8m 32s, sound, produced by the artist for art/tapes/22 in New York, in collaboration with Sonnabend Video Films Corporation

Alighiero Boetti
CiÚ che sempre parla in silenzio Ë il corpo, 1974, b/w, 1m, mute

Christian Boltanski
La vie est triste, la vie est gaie, 1974, b/w, 25m, sound
Quelque souvenir de jeunesse, 1974, b/w, 14m 45s, sound

Chris Burden
Afternoon at Portarossa Hotel, 1975, b/w, 14m 48s, sound
Car Nut, 1975, b/w, 27m, sound
Guru for Detroit, 1975, b/w, 14m 48s, sound
Italian Interview by Alexis Smith, part I, 1975, b/w, 46m 05s, sound
Italian Interview by Alexis Smith, part II, 1975, b/w, 30m, sound

Daniel Buren
VidÈo-Souvenir, (Recouvrant-EffaÁant 3), 1974, b/w, 2m, sound

Pierpaolo Calzolari
No title 1, 1974, b/w, 10m 33s, sound
No title 2, 1974, b/w, 6m, sound

Sandro Chia
Di come il fuoco rigenera la candela, 1975, b/w, 23m 54s, mute
Tempo medio per un videotape, 1975, b/w, 7m 17s, mute
The Nave-Less Singe, 1975, b/w, 8m, mute

Andrea Daninos
Show of Everybodyís Death, 1974, b/w, 7m 05s, sound

Gino De Dominicis
Videotape, 1974, b/n, 2m 09s, sound

Marco Del Re
One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, 1974, b/w, 11m 29s, sound
Come Sbarcare il Lunario, 1975, b/w, 15m, sound
Safari Horror, 1975, b/w, 17s 28m, sound
Safari Means Trip, 1975, b/w, 14m, sound
Souvenir di Firenze parte I ñ Tema di Piazza Vittoria, 1975, b/w, 28m 57s, sound
Souvenir di Firenze parte II ñ Tema di Piazza Vittoria, 1975, b/w, 30m, sound
Theme for a Race of Survival, 1975, b/w, 15m 14s, sound
Una Sadica Indiscrezione, 1975, b/w, 15m 14s, sound

Andrea Granchi
I militari, 1975, b/w, 2m 33s, sound

Frank Gillette
Three Tuscan Fields and the Birds of Madagascar, 1974, b/w, 30m, sound

Rebecca Horn
Videotape n. 3, 1973, b/w, 29m 46s, sound

Taka Ito Iimura
Field Work, 1974, b/w, 25m, sound
Self Identity, 1974, b/w, 20m 58s, sound

Joan Jonas
Merlo, 1974, b/w, 10m 53s, sound

Allan Kaprow
Then, 1974, b/w, 23m 38s, sound, in collaboration with Galleria Multipla, Milan
Third Routine, 1974, b/w, 59m 49s, sound

Jannis Kounellis
No title, 1973, b/w, 25m, sound

Les Levines
Les Levineís Firenze, 1974, b/w, 29m 20s, sound

Urs L¸thi
Interview I, 1974, b/w, 25m 57s, sound, in collaboration with Galleria Schema, Florence
Morire díAmore, 1974, b/w, 8m 49s, sound
Self Portrait, 1974, b/w, 8m 07s, sound

Gerald Minkoff
Frivolezza, 1975, b/w, 10m 34s, sound
The Sixtina Misunderstanding, 1975, b/w, 5m 39s, sound
This is not a piano piece (also known as This is a piano piece), 1975, b/w, 23m 30s, mute
Video Blind: First Touch, Second Touch, Third Touch, 1975, b/w, 19s 11m, sound

Maurizio Nannucci
The Missing Poemi s the Poem, 1974, b/w, 15m 54s, sound

Muriel Olesen
Jim, Jill and Jane, John, 1975, b/w, 15m, sound
No title, 1975, b/w, 15m, sound, produced by the artist for art/tapes/22 in New York, in collaboration with Sonnabend Video Films Corporation

Luciano Ori
Poesia visiva, 1974, b/w, 16m 17s, sound

Jean Otth
Limite B (Le Lac), 1973, b/w, 12s 34m, sound
Limite E (Le Lac), 1973, b/w, 10s 56m, sound
Portrait de Laura Papi, 1975, b/w, 12s 05m, sound

Charlemagne Palestine
Body Music 1, 1974, b/w, 5m sound, in collaboration with Sonnabend Video Films Corporation
Body Music 2, 1974, b/w, 8m 03s, sound

Giulio Paolini
Unisono, 1974, b/w, 1m 03s, sound

Claudio Parmiggiani
Delocazione, 1974, b/w, 8m 13s, sound

Alberto Pirelli
Riconoscere, il riconoscimento, 1974, b/w, 23m 57s, sound
Stay Tuned, 1974, b/w, 20m, sound

Lucio Pozzi
A Boetti Suggestion, 1975, b/w, 42m, mute
Portrait of Maria Gloria, 1975, b/w, 1m 09s, mute
Two times, 1975, b/w, 5m 10s, mute
Updownleftright (left monitor, right monitor), 1975, b/w, 10m 40s, mute

Adulf Rainer
Confrontation with my videoimage, 1974, b/w, 35m 39s, sound
Mouth Piece, 1974, b/w, 6s 35m, sound
Slow Motion, 1974, b/w, 9s 53m, sound

Willoughby Sharp
Break, 1973, b/w, monitor 1 19í 44î, monitor 2m 30s, sound

Bill Viola
Eclipse, 1974, b/w, 18í 55î, sound
Gravitation Pull / Gravitational Pull, 1974, b/w, 10m, sound