19:4:90 TV Interventions – Project Catalogue, including Artist Statements

’19:4:90 TV Interventions’ was a multi-faceted project consisting of a series of commissions to artists to produce a work for television; a youth community project, Telly Pieces; and a touring exhibition which featured all the works made for television and Telly Pieces, as well as a selection of historical works. Third Eye Centre,Glasgow (9-24 June, 1990), Seagate Gallery Dundee (6-21 July), and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (1-27 September).
Commissioned by Channel 4 Television
Series Producer Jane Rigby Co-Producer Anna Ridley; Devised by Stephen Partridge; Consultant David Hall; Production Co-ordinator Julia Kennedy
Pictorial Heroes, Stephen Partridge, Robert Cahen (Fr,) Pratibha Parmar, Rose Garrard, Bruce McLean, Raul Rodriguez (Sp), Peter Missotten (Belg), David Hall, Ron Geesin, Alastair MacLennan, Steve Littman, David Mach
Historical Works in the Exhibition
Kieth Arnatt (Self Burial (1969); Richard Serra, Television Delivers People (1973)

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